SafeQuest Solano, Inc. is dedicated to providing prevention education, advocacy, and intervention services to those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. With an emphasis on client-centered and trauma-informed care, SafeQuest works with diverse partners to promote individual, family and community transformation.

Board of Directors

  • Zen Hunter-Ishikawa, President
  • Barbara Graham
  • Jacqueline Crawford
  • Kalil Macklin
  • WT Jeanpierre
  • Robert Asmus
  • Carol Kitts


SafeQuest was founded.


Operations Begin

The organization began operating a shelter for survivors of domestic violence and their children.


Non-Profit Status

The organization gained nonprofit status under the name Solano Women’s Crisis Center. To better serve victims regardless of gender identity, the agency changed its name to SafeQuest Solano.


Serving Solano

SafeQuest Solano, Inc. is a state-funded rape crisis center and the state-certified domestic violence agency for Solano County. For over 45 years, we have served all of Solano County (Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville, & Vallejo) by helping survivors write the next chapters in their success story.

Community Partners


Reduce incidences
Reduce incidences of domestic violence, sex trafficking and sexual assault in Solano County while increasing the reporting rates of victims to appropriate authorities.
Provide intervention

Provide intervention services that account for an individual’s age, stage of development, self-identity, disability, cultural and socio-economic realities.

Provide resources

Provide resources that are community-based, accessible, outcome-driven, collaborative, comprehensive, culturally competent, integrated, prevention-focused, and tailored to individual, family and community needs.

Deliver prevention

Deliver prevention education curriculums that are evidence-based, use the public health model, and focus on modeling respect for personal boundaries.

Promote and advocate

Promote and advocate for policies, programs, and funding that emphasis individual health, healthy relationships, and well-being by preventing domestic violence, sexual assault, adult/youth exploitation and elder abuse.

Align evaluation practice

Align evaluation practice and measurements with the philosophy and practice of community transformation.

Our Sponsors

Thanks to the following sponsors who help fund our services…

Vanden High School
Travis Air Force Base
Solano Community Foundation
Valor Inc
Valero Benefit